Gentlemen, control yourselves

Happy Birthday Day Kim Hyung Jun

**Projet BirthdayJun by Ss501 Tunisian fans**

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Kim Hyun Joong ‘2014 World Tour: Phantom (梦幻) in JAPAN ‘(Yokohama)

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jinki ~ lucifer

I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSS to death

c’mon give five … any anianiya … ey so give ten xD … funny 

emmm … I see !! look what sehun wanna say … stop talking ya!!

GOODNIGHT from my Simba arms ^o^

GOODNIGHT from my Simba arms ^o^



Idk but can someone tell me this does not resemble a scene in the infamous fic I’m pretty sure someone will soon break out into my name is kim jongin I’m the writer who lives next door see you tomorrow hyung


looks like he ended up seeing daisies wither anyways




Sehun @Lost Planet Concert

Cr : 3’oclock & eye to eye aiolos